Quality Coaching would like to introduce you to their professional tutors. These tutors hold university degrees and specialise in various areas in order to assist students of different needs and levels.

Meet our tutors

Biljana Civorsvski
University of Sydney
I’m currently in my last weeks of my first degree of Occupational therapy (Applied science) at the University of Sydney. This degree has allowed me to build my knowledge and expertise within the health industry, and different forums of therapy for individuals. I have worked in rural areas with children in schools, where I had to provide one on one, and group sessions for children with behavioral problems, various physical and mental health issues.

After my first degree I am moving onto my double degree of Medicine and Surgery. This is where my passion lies, and where I’ll be completing my degree to become a Pediatrician (Children’s   doctor). I have a real affiliation working with children, and I think this is particularly why I enjoy tutoring as I can continue to build my skills and understanding when working with children and adolescences.

In completing my three degrees I will have attended university for 8 years, and I feel my educational background acts a passionate force during my time as a tutor. As I value the education system and act as advocate for all my students to excel to the best of their abilities. I instill my students with what I believe to be exceptional skills that can be used throughout all schooling paths.

Nora Awad
Macquarie University
I am currently a full time university student studying a Bachelor of Arts Psychology with a diploma of education majoring in Secondary English studies. I have always had an interest in dealing with people and being of assistance to people in their daily life. For this reason, I aspire to work as a school councillor where I will have the opportunity to assist people on a daily basis.

I have had extensive experience as a social worker with a social health company. I worked with elderly patients in hospital settings as well as children who have been subject to adverse conditions. This has inspired me to gain practical knowledge in supporting such individuals, especially in the Muslim community.

I have also had three years of experience as a general tutor. Over the course of my experience, I have worked hand in hand with primary students, particularly those who experience difficulty in reading and writing. I have also been a part of critical workshops whereby I taught essential skills needed for Kindergarten, NAPLAN, School Certificate and HSC awards. Moreover, I have happily tutored many secondary students, those who stress and those who are laid back about learning. All in all, my widespread experience has aided my development as a tutor, my relationship with wonderful parents and my connection with

In addition to my deep love for social work and tutoring, I have participated in a range of radio producing and presenting roles. At the moment, I am the host of a very exciting kids show held on Sundays, whereby I provide kids the opportunity to learn and develop skills in a fun and challenging way.

I endeavor to learn and grow in my profession and look forward to new challenges every day.

Nathan Compton
University of Sydney
I’ve been a tutor at Quality Coaching Liverpool for five years now, and I’ve been privileged to see so many students develop their potential over the years.

The tutors I have worked with are incredibly dedicated to helping each student improve and extend their skills through student-centred personalised programs and ample support.

Students come to our centre often unsure of their own potential and leave with confidence that they can achieve their educational goals. Some of my best teaching experiences have been here at Quality Coaching, seeing students who once struggled to read and form sentences hand-in detailed essays that prove they have potential.

However, I think the biggest asset our centre has is our family atmosphere. Students feel a part of our centre and are valued as individual leaners in small-class groups and one-on-one sessions.

Hani Skaf
University of Western Sydney
Quality Coaching has provided me with an opportunity, to implement the theoretical concepts comprehended at university, to practical scenarios which broaden my understanding of business functionalities. I am currently a scholarship student at the University of Western Sydney in my third year of the B. Business & Commerce (Advanced Business Leadership)/B. Law course. I believe my role at QC has furthered my skills as a collaborative, adaptive and creative subordinate preparing me for my short-term position as a solicitor with an optimistic long-term objective as an entrepreneur. My exceptional results at university level, led to my abundant achievements being recognised as a vital asset and ambassador to my university. My accomplishments encompass receiving the Golden Key Scholarship award, being invited to the International Scholar Laureate program in New York, placed under the Dean’s Merit List for 2013 and offered to complete my honours at such an early stage. At QC, I persevere my desire to guide and inspire young individuals, through my achievements, so that their goals and objectives in life are not undermined by inevitable circumstances.

Khadigeh El Sayed
University of Western Sydney
I started working at Quality Coaching in 2010 and have been tutoring a variety of classes ranging from Kindergarten to year 12.  I mainly tutor English, Math and Science and year 12 Biology.  I also carry out Science workshops ranging from years 7 to year 10.

I started a Bachelor of Medical Science in 2008 after graduating in 2007. After graduating from Medical Science I was offered a position in honours. I then took that opportunity and perused an honours degree in Neuroscience. Fortunately, I achieved a First Class Honours and I was rewarded an Australian Postgraduate Award, which entitled me for a full time PhD position.  I am now undertaking a PhD in Neuroscience and my thesis is expected to be submitted in February 2015, where I will be graduating as a Doctor in Philosophy.

Leah Miller
University of New South Wales and University of Western Sydney
I have achieved degrees, a Bachelor of Science and Masters of Science and Technology from the University of New South Wales and a Masters of Primary Teaching from the University of Western Sydney. I have over seven years of tutoring experience ranging from pre-kindy to TAFE students. I also have experience with teaching students with special needs.

Adam Mosleh
University of Technology
I Graduated from year 12 in 2010 and began a bachelor of business degree at the University of technology Sydney in 2011. My major is in accounting and I am currently in my final semester. I have secured a graduate position at Deloite, one of the leading four accounting firms in the world. I will begin my employment at Deloite in March 2014.